Take your first daily steps into the muffled secrets of dawn, surrounded by the awakening nature, and eventually enjoy the cuddles of a delicious homemade breakfast: this is Trek & Coffee, Masseria LoJazzo’s greeting to the day.

TREK – If dawn has a unique charm, in the masseria and along the ancient Transhumance roads this charm becomes ineffable. The appointment is early in the day. You reach one of the viewpoints on the “Messapian Murgia” and enter the surprising richness of a territory that reveals delightful secrets every inch.

COFFEE – Fatigue and amazement then doze off while sitting under the pergola of Masseria LoJazzo with a good coffee and a breakfast which is also a small, unusual exploration of local taste, with homemade desserts and the fresh, generous flavours of Apulia.

During weekends. Reservations required.

*The participation fee includes:
• Guide service with an AIGAE Guide registered in the National Register of Hiking Guides.
• Breakfast and welcome at Masseria lo Jazzo

Profession exercised pursuant to framework law 4/2013
“Provisions relating to unorganized professions”

• Trekking pants / shorts
• Suitable trekking shoes
• Light windbreaker
• Comfortable backpack
• Water (1/2 litre at least)

• Punctuality
• Appropriate clothing and equipment
• Follow the path established by the Guide
• Collaboration for success
• Keep your waste

By accepting these rules, the participant declares under his own responsibility that he is in good health and in a psycho-physical condition suitable for the practice of the excursion. He also declares that he has provided the Guides with any information that may be useful for the correct evaluation of his / her suitability. In the case of photo sensitizing pharmacological treatment (eg cortisone) it is always good to avoid sun exposure, therefore, in addition to carefully reading the contraindications listed on the package leaflet, please consult your prescriber.

Photographs and video footage
During the excursion, photographic and / or video shots will be taken which may appear on public domain sites and which will be used by the organization for promotional purposes relating to the activity itself. Participation in the excursion implies the authorization to publish the aforementioned material.

Mobile phones
Participants are advised to keep their mobile phones switched off. If this is not possible, the ringtones must still be deactivated. In case of need, the interested party is requested to leave the group after prior notification and authorization from the Guide, while remaining in sight of the same.

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