18 years of creativity, inspiration, theatre, poetry, experiments, lightheartedness.

There was no Facebook. There were no neural networks. The Twin Towers had fallen just two years earlier. 2003 was the year when Masseria LoJazzo came back to life after decades of silence and abandonment. It was a rural place, it became an unusual cultural jewel, in some ways absurd, placed as it was at the end of the world. Yet that anomaly seemed something desired, and long sought after, by people who found themselves unsatisfied with the paths now given by the zeitgeist of those times. And the more the audience responded, the more MLJ came to life, and dared, mixing opposing worlds, experimenting, bringing the enthusiastic scream of contemporary, the wind of the new, the lateral thinking into the wilderness, and taking the parts of the niche. MLJ surprised because she didn’t bother to please, but was incessantly in search. It’s been like that for 16 summers. Then in 2018 Nicola and Domenica took a pause to ponder. They understood this place deserved a new devotion. We are provisional in this world. They decided to renew MLJ in order to protect its authenticity and delicacy. It is easy to say that stone are eternal. But there is nothing that modernity cannot annihilate. MLJ today is the result of a gesture of love and life. Of openness and attention. To know how to perceive the duration of time. To side with slowness. To give grace to the fragility of nature. These are the simple yet articulate principles that brought MLJ here, to where you are now reading.

Posters 2018-2005.