A story of Art and Hospitality.

We were theatre professional and this is what we did, at the beginning, me, Nicola, and Domenica, the two souls propelling Masseria LoJazzo. A decadent yet universal art, a way of seeing life, a view on the world. We moved the stage between the branches of lentiscus. The ancient fireplace became our theatre, as our irregular curiosity led us to explore humanity, nature, the spaces spared by trends and conformism. Any element, be it material or imaginary, is a synapsis of symbols and representations: creativity consists in having fun to choose two of them, apparently distant, and make them collide. Technology and ancient; nature and artifice. Popular and eyebrow culture. Hospitality. Through time we learnt what we instinctively already knew: if you do with what you have, you can’t  go wrong. And you find out that enterprise of great pitch and moments are before your eyes forever, because they’re yours, and yours only: just learn to see them.