Philosophycal Maze©

There is no humanity without a path.


Humans always go somewhere. They’ve always had to orient themselves, find their way home, that source of pure water, the secret spot where equinox is best seen. 
Other things are mental paths, more complex and unstable and difficult to find. Such an exploration paths rises wonder, at the richness we find inside us, and dismay, at the deepest questions that are still unresolved.
This is why man invented mazes: to answer the most elusive questions.

Here at MLJ we’ve chiseled the Philosophical Maze out of pure wild Mediterranean scrub. You can visit it just as a matter of fun, and you’ll have a great time. But if you venture into it while focusing on your feelings, or your questions, what you’re actually doing is to delve into a metaphorical representation of your own mind.
So, the Philosophical Maze is a sort of oracle made of leaves whose ramifications are continuously suggesting something about yourself.