Reserved for Room Guests.

Available upon reservation.
Informal, convivial and gourmand. La Nonna Alchimista, Masseria lo Jazzo’s Bistro, is designed for those looking for dilated time, simple and powerful smells and flavors. It is a small world of  food cooked with love, freshly cooked, and a selection of wines and drinks which are both authentic and natural.

We put at the service of the traditional Apulian home recipes (with some trespassing …) the knowledge of the molecular compounds composing the raw materials we use, and their aromatic structure. The result consists in homemade dishes that could have been created by a grandmother a little bit magical, a little bit alchemist, suggesting combinations and pairings rules by contrast or similarity, but leaving here and there the purity of classic recipes.

And so the Nonna Alchimista Bistrò’s menu is a journey into dishes made with local raw materials, in season, very little manipulated, matched with delicacy and simplicity through sometimes witty, other times unexpected, but never pretentious associations. Granny wants the ritual of eating to remain simple, convivial, informal, fresh.

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